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About us

Richter Gruppe is a focused and specialized firm on prospecting, creating and developing business for the real estate market. It adds up value to real estate developments through sustainable projects, urban mobility and accessibility for people, seeking for security, profitability and income for its investors. With a high standard quality of businesses, based on hard work, Richter Gruppe offers discrete and personalized assistance and, consequently, developing solid partnerships.

Being a role model on business management and real estate market, seeking innovation and yet respecting a sustainable urbanization.

Sustainability, social responsibility, respect, transparency, ethic, security, discretion, innovation and stability for businesses.


Richter Gruppe plans and implements its constructions being aware of sustainable conditions, which are indispensable for a conscious urban development and a guarantee for the future. Preserving natural sources is everyone’s duty, but for the Richter Gruppe, which develop urban areas, is more than just a concern, it is a commitment. Implementing developments preserving and respecting the environment where we live, introducing and sharing the concept of sustainable urban areas, planning urban mobility systems, accessibility and lower environmental impacts are some of our firm’s goals. Richter Gruppe understands that creating and developing solutions for the social and economic well-being offer significant results because they promote development and life quality for people.

Social Commitment

Richter Gruppe has become a transformation agent in the life of everyone involved in the many sectors of society. The changes are introduced through actions taken in the firm, at home, in school, in the neighborhood and many other areas where people live among natural environments. The goal is that the well-being, the freedom, the nature and the family can all live in harmony. Therefore, Richter Gruppe aims at guarantying that all of its developments, the social, the environment and the economy can walk side by side.

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