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Richter Gruppe is a specialized firm in creating and developing investment opportunities with real possibilities of profits for its clients. A future vision allied to local development, social and environmental commitment have driven the Richter Gruppe. Founded and run by the businessman José Paulo Richter, who has got over 20 years of experience in the market based on ethic and discipline, Richter Gruppe has become a reference firm in the real estate market. The firm offers a personalized service, business discretion and solid partnerships. The credibility and transparency of the company ease the construction of a relation of trust and mutual respect with the investors, which results in a friendly process of orientation for intelligent decisions.

Investments consulting

Consultancy and assistance for real estate market investors.

Allotment Implementation

Implementation and development of residential, commercial and industrial allotments.


In 2016, Richter Gruppe was awarded in with the SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CERTIFICATION from the Rio Grande do Sul State Legislative Assembly for the second year in a row due to the development of projects towards the social well-being and environmental protection, always seeking for a better society. The awarding follows requirements established by a commission based on its own statute and the final results will be audited. In the year of 2015, the project was carried out with the Commercial e Industrial Lajeado development. In the year of 2016, the project took place on the commerce and services Urban Center Conventos. The development Comercial e Industrial Lajeado has been presented to the community and the Urban Center Conventos is currently under construction. Therefore, Richter Gruppe is an outstanding firm for its commitment on environmental and social responsibility.


Urban Center Conventos

Urban Center Conventos, strategically located in Conventos district, in the city of Lajeado, has been projected focused on urban mobility and accessibility in order to become a role model in the Vale do Taquari as a new commerce and services…

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Industrial e Comercial Lajeado

Strategically located by BR 386, Commercial and Industrial Allotment Lajeado is a development highlighted by the fact that has been rising within the heart of Taquari Valley, a region that has got growth rates above the ones from the State…

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Recanto do Parque

The allotment offers lots from 360m², paved streets, a distance of 2.5 kilometers from downtown Lajeado. It is also close to the local university – UNIVATES (about 1.5 kilometers). Here, you can live well among nature.

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Rua Alberto Torres, 517 - sala 601
Centro - Lajeado/RS
Fale com a gente
Rua Alberto Torres, 517 - sala 601
Centro - Lajeado/RS
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